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Cooking FAQ

Cooker & Oven

The page is dedicated to the types of questions that we regularly get asked, concerning Cookers and Ovens.

  1. My main fan oven is not getting warm?
    Answer: - If the fan motor is spinning round blowing only cold air into the oven then 98% of the time the fan element that is located around the fan motor is faulty and needs replacing. Other than that you have it switch on to defrost.
  2. Do I need to buy special pans for induction hobs?
    Answer: - No, all you need to do is take a magnet with you and if the magnet sticks to the bottom of the pan then it will work on an induction hob.
  3. What’s best Ceramic or induction Hob?
    Answer: - We would say induction is the better one to have. Induction hobs boil the liquid in pans twice as quick as ceramic; have instant heat up or temperature down. There is no element in an induction hob; the only thing that gets hot is the liquid in your pan.
  4. Why will my oven not work?
    Answer: - Often if you have a power failure, or the oven gets switch off, when the appliance comes back on it will be in auto mode. In order to get the oven to work you will need to switch it on to manual mode. If it is in the auto mode then the oven will not come on and is often over looked.
  5. My Oven keeps burning food no matter where I put the thermostat temperature what’s wrong with it?
    Answer: - The thermostat will need to be replaced
  6. My fan oven is taking ages to cook food. What could be the problem?
    Answer: - The common causes of this are as follows: -
    1. It could be an issue with the thermostat.
    2. It could be an issue with an element in the oven
    3. It could be an issue with the fan motor.
  7. Do you install gas appliances?
    Answer: - No, However we deal with gas fitters who can fit the appliance for you. We can arrange for you for them to come out and fit the appliance at the same time we drop of the new one. Costs can vary please enquiry at time of purchase.
  8. On a cooker hood is extraction rate important?
    Answer: - Yes. The main reason for having a cooker hood is to extract smells and grease from the kitchen. The extraction rate of the cooker hood gives an indication of how powerful the hood is and how effective it is at doing this. The extraction rate can be called airflow which refers to the amount of air per m3 that can be extracted in one hour. The move powerful the extraction rate the more air can be removed
  9. How do i calculate the extraction rate needed for a cooker hood for my kitchen?
    Answer: - Multiply the (length x the height x Width) x 10 = m3/h
    If you kitchen is 3.5 meters wide x 4 meters long and 3 meters high you would calculate it as:
    (3.5 x 4 x 3) x 10 =402
    Therefore you would need to order a cooker hood with an extraction rate of 402m3/h anything less will not extract the room effectively.