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Smeg Dishwasher Lever SMG764730267

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Smeg Dishwasher Lever

Fits with the Button Frame PCB Holder
OEM REF 764730267
Part No. SMG764730267
Model No. SMEG
653ELCN DF612SI DWAI149X LSA6050B APA6148N DF612WD DWAU149X LSA6145B APA6148X DF612WE DWAU149XN LSA6145BH CSE68X3 DF614BE ELV471 LSA6145G CSE68X7 DF614FAS LS12B LSA6145N DD612SCA DF614FAS7 LS12N LSA6145X DD612SCA7 DF614WE LS12X LSA6145X7 DF1255W DFC612BK LS6147XH7 LSA6147B DF612SDX DFC612S LS6148BH9 LSA6147BD DF612SDX7 DFC612S9 LS645XSA LSA6147BH LSA6147X LSA615X LSA624G LSG62 LSA6147X7 LSA6245B LSA6445FX LSG62S LSA6147XH LSA6245G LSA6447FX LSG63 LSA6148B LSA6245N LSA650B LSG63X LSA6149B LSA6245X LSA653E LSP137B LSA614G LSA6246B LSAP6245X LSP137N LSA614X LSA6246G LSAP6248X LSP137X LSA614X7 LSA6246X LSAP6251G LVF610B LSA6150B LSA6248B LSAP6448X LVF612X LSA6151B LSA6248G LSAP6449G LVF612X7 LVF613G LVS1251S PL115X PL648GSA LVF613X LVS1251X1 PL313EB PL8210X LVF647B9 LVS1255B PL313NE PL8210X-1 LVF649B LVS1255B1 PL313X PL8210X-2 LVF650B LVS1255S PL314NE PL8605X LVS1249B LVS1255S1 PL314X PL8605X7 LVS1249X9 PL113EB PL6148XD7 PL8605X8 LVS1251B PL113NE PL6248XD9 PLA6145B LVS1251B1 PL113X PL6445XD PLA6145N LVS1251N PL115NE PL6446XD PLA6145X PLA6145X7 PLA6148X7 PLA6248B PLA6446X PLA6147B PLA6148XD PLA6248N PLA6447X PLA6147G PLA615X PLA6248X PLA6448B PLA6147N PLA615X7 PLA6248X7 PLA6448N PLA6147X PLA6245B PLA6348B PLA6448X PLA6147X7 PLA6245N PLA6348N PLA647G PLA6148B PLA6245X PLA6348X PLA68XU PLA6148G PLA6246B PLA6348XD PLA8605X7 PLA6148N PLA6246N PLA6446B PLTW620 PLA6148X PLA6246X PLA6446N PLTW640X PLTW640X7 SA8211X SA8605X7 SNZ643S7 SA8210BI SA8211X-2 SA8605X8 SNZ653S SA8210W SA8211XWS SNZ643IS SNZ693IS SA8210W-1 SA8605BI SNZ643IS1 SNZ693S SA8210X SA8605W SNZ643S SNZ693S7 SA8210X-1 SA8605X SNZ643S-1

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Manufacturer Smeg
Model Number SMG764730267
Original Spare Part Yes
Expired Status No