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Zanussi Dishwasher Lower Front Basket Wheel WHL9282 (Pattern Part)

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  • EAN5045175607178

Zanussi Dishwasher Lower Front Basket Wheels WHL9282 (Pattern Part)

OEM REF 50269748005 . 50223753000
Part No. DST50269748005
Model No. AEG
F64570V FAV5050 VI ITA FAV5560I-B FAV55750I-M F64570VI FAV5050VI FAV5560I-M FAV55750-W F65510VI FAV50600 FAV5560I-W FAV64570VI F65570VI FAV50610 FAV5560-M FAV65570VI FAV40600 FAV50750VI FAV5560-W FAVG330 FAV40610 FAV5560-B FAV55750-B FAVORIT5041 FAV5050 VI
DW125W ESF6109 ESF6130 ESI602B EASY ESF6110 ESF6130K ESI602W EASY ALU ESF6111 ESF6131 ESI602X ESF4132 ESF6119 ESF614 ESI6100K ESF610 ESF612 ESF6140 ESI6100W ESF610 -BIO ESF6120 ESF6151 ESI6100X ESF6100 ESF6121 ESF620 ESI6104B ESF6100W ESF6122 ESF6224 ESI6104W ESF6100X ESF6123 ESF6226 ESI6104X ESF6101 ESF6129 ESF673 ESI6110A ESI6110K ESI6180U ESL6164 GA 711 LI.3 SW ESI6110U ESI6180X ESL6180 GA 711 LI.3 WS ESI6110W ESL 590 ESL620 GA 811 GL.3 BR ESI6110X ESL5391 GA 702L BR GA 811 GL.3 CN ESI6112K ESL6100 GA 702L WS GA 811 GL.3 SW ESI6112W ESL6111I GA 711 L.3 BR GA 811 GL.3 WS ESI6112X ESL6114 GA 711 L.3 CN GA 811GLI.3 AL ESI6120B ESL6123 GA 711 L.3 SW GA 811GLI.3 CN ESI6120W ESL6124 GA 711 L.3 WS GA 811GLI.3 SW ESI6120X ESL6154 GA 711 LI.3 CN GA 811GLI.3 WS GA 911SLI TC.3 AL GA552F101 GA55GL200WS GA55GLI200X GA 911SLI TC.3 CN GA55EEV200 GA55GL200X GA55GLI201 GA 911SLI TC.3 SW/SP GA55EEV201 GA55GL201 GA55GLV400 GA 911SLI TC.3 WE GA55GL200 GA55GLI200 GA55GLV401 GA550F100 BR GA55GL200B GA55GLI200AL GA55L100 GA550F100 WS GA55GL200BR GA55GLI200B GA55L100B GA551F100 GA55GL200CN GA55GLI200CN GA55L100BR GA551F100D GA55GL200D GA55GLI200SW GA55L100CN GA551F100-D GA55GL200SW GA55GLI200W GA55L100D GA551F100W GA55GL200W GA55GLI200WS GA55L100SW GA55L100W GA55LI100W GA55SLI300W GA811GL.1 BR GA55L100WS GA55LI100WS GA55SLI300WS GA811GL.1 CN GA55L100X GA55LI100X GA55SLI300X GA811GL.1 SW GA55L101 GA55LI101 GA701 GA811GL.1 WS GA55LI100 GA55LS100 GA711L GA811GL.3 BR GA55LI100B GA55SLI300 GA711L BR GA811GL.3 CN GA55LI100BR GA55SLI300AL GA711L.1 GA811GL.3 SW GA55LI100CN GA55SLI300B GA711LI GA811GL.3 WS GA55LI100D GA55SLI300CN GA711LI.1 GA811GLI GA55LI100SW GA55SLI300SW GA811GL GA811GLI.1 CN GA811GLI.1 SW GA811VI GA911SLI GA911SLITC3SW GA811GLI.1 WS GA911SL GA911SLI.1 CN GA911SLITC3WS GA811GLI.3 AL GA911SL.1 BR GA911SLI.1 SW LL12B GA811GLI.3 CN GA911SL.1 CN GA911SLI.1 WS LL12X GA811GLI.3 SW GA911SL.1 SW GA911SLITC3AL PERLASG55 GA811GLI.3 WS GA911SL.1 WS GA911SLITC3CN TP5
DA2152 DA6241 DE3043 DE6544 DA2252 DA6242 DE5310 DE6554 DA2852 DA6252 DE6342 DE6644 DA6141 DA6341 DE6344 DE6654 DA6141D DA6342 DE6442 DE6654ALU DA6141SIL DA6352 DE6444 DE6744 DA6142 DA6373 DE6541 DE6744S DA6142S DA6452 DE6542 DE6754 DA6152 DA6473 DE6543 DE6754S DA6153 DE2144 DE6543X DE6755 DE6755ALU DE6955X DI660TCR W DWS6626 DE6844 DE6965 DW683 DWS6628 DE6844ALU DE7443 DW695 DWS663 DE6850 DES959 DW697 DWS6674 DE6854 DF6926 DW910TCR DWS6837 DE6855 DF6937 DW920TCR DWS684 DE6865 DF6954 DWS410 DWS6849 DE6954 DI460B DWS620 DWS685 DE6955 DI460W DWS6621 DWS686 DE6955A DI660TCR B DWS6622 DWS6907 DWS694 DWS939W IZZI W ZD751B DWS6947 DWS949W Z1000PL ZDI4141B DWS696 EDW1500D ZD604B ZDI4141W DWS697 ID4016W ZD604W ZDI4141X DWS697S ID4016X ZD606B ZDI6041B DWS730 ID416W ZD606W ZDI6041N DWS909W ID6294W ZD694B ZDI6041W DWS919 ID736B ZD694N ZDI6041X DWS935 ID736W ZD694W ZDI6052B DWS939S IZZI ALU ZD694X ZDI6052N ZDI6052W ZDI6173X ZDI6895QX ZDT6255 ZDI6052X ZDI6453N ZDI6895SX ZDT6353 ZDI6053QA ZDI6453X ZDM6837N ZDT6453 ZDI6053QX ZDI6555N ZDS699EX ZDT6764 ZDI6053SX ZDI6555W ZDT5895 ZDT6894 ZDI6142N ZDI6555X ZDT6052 ZG103 ZDI6142W ZDI6743X ZDT6152 ZT6905 ZDI6142X ZDI6744 ZDT6252 ZT6910 ZDI6173N ZDI6764X ZDT6253 ZT695 ZDI6173W ZDI6895QA ZDT6254 ZTI6865 ZW1622 ZW416

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Manufacturer Electrolux
GTIN 5045175607178
Model Number WHL9282
Original Spare Part Compatible