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Zanussi Washing Machine Door Interlock DST1240349017

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Zanussi Washing Machine Door Interlock DST1240349017

OEM REF 50226735004 . 1240349017
Part No. DST1240349017
Model No. ZANUSSI BONUX F1201V F1246 CMF311 F1202V F1406 F1000 F1203W F1407 F1001V F1205 F1415 F1002V F1206 F1446 F1005 F1207 F1646 F1006 F1214 F423 F1032 F1215 F503 F1045W F1232 F505 F1046 F1245W F505N F805N FA1026HYDR FA621 F832 FA1032 FA622 F850 FA1074 FA623 F855 FA4012 FA624VARIO F855G FA4022 FA626 F902 FA422 FA674 F902N FA5023 FA722 FA1005 FA522 FA821 FA1021 FA523 FA822 FA1023 FA568 FA826 FBU55 FCS720C FI1073 FBU810 FCS725C FI1203 FBU85 FCS800C FI873 FC1100 FCS822C FJ1005N FC1200W FCS825C FJ874 FCS1020C FCS872C FJ905N FCS1020C ES FCS920C FJD1084HV FCS1114C SP FE1002 FJI1296 FCS1320C FE1200 FJS1004C FCS622C FE802 FJS1072HV FJS1197W FJS1397W FJS904CV FJS1214C FJS1486 FJS972CV FJS1216C FJS1486X FJS974N FJS1274C FJS1496 FL1000 FJS1276C FJS1597W FL1008 FJS1282V FJS654C FL1014V1 FJS1284 FJS674C FL1015 FJS1286 FJS854 FL1018 FJS1286X FJS874 FL1020 FJS1296 FJS904C FL12 FL411C FL544N FL702J FL411CN FL552 FL722NN FL412 FL553 FL804 FL434 FL602 FL808 FL444 FL608 FL822C FL444M FL622 FL824C FL502 FL622C FL854V FL522C FL634 FL864V FL522CN FL644 FL864VM FL543NC FL644M FLC512 FLD800 FLI803 FLN804 FLD800M FLN1007 FLN807 FLD806 FLN1008 FLN808 FLD884V FLN1021 FLN860 FLD884VM FLN1060 FLS1002V FLF1022 FLN1074 FLS1012C FLF1212 FLN507 FLS1014C FLF1214 FLN607 FLS1021HC FLF1242 FLN608 FLS1022 FLI1003 FLN660 FLS1022CH FLS1074C FLS1214C FLS1284 FLS1074HC FLS1222 FLS1286 FLS1076C FLS1222CH FLS1292 FLS1076S FLS1224C FLS1404 FLS1082 FLS1254C FLS1424 FLS1084 FLS1260 FLS1474 FLS1086 FLS1260H FLS1484 FLS1092 FLS1272CH FLS1486 FLS1204 FLS1274C FLS414CN FLS1212C FLS1276 FLS434 FLS574C FLS696 FLS854C FLS574N FLS802 FLS872 FLS574NC FLS8020 FLS872V• FLS604C FLS804 FLS874C FLS624 FLS804X FLS874CN FLS624C FLS814C FLS876C FLS634 FLS822CH FLS876S FLS674 FLS824C FLS896V FLS674C FLS824CN FLS9040H FLS676S FLS852V FLS972V QUARZOII W802 WDJ1272 RLMW85 W902 WDJD1082 RUBINO II W905 WDJS1202 RUBINO12 WBU910 WDJS1272 RUBINO1200 WBU95 WDS1002C RUBINOII WD1002 WDS1012 VF2458 WD12INPUT WDS1072 W1002 WD15INPUT WDS1072C W1003 WD802 WDS1092 W1202 WDD1022 WE1200 Z42PX ZJ1284 ZKI225 Z550TX ZJD1285 ZKI245 Z650JS ZKF100 ZKI525 Z715C ZKG2105 ZKN7124 Z850JS ZKG2125 ZKU100 ZAFFIRO II ZKG2145 ZT1012 ZAFFIRO14 ZKH2105 ZTI1023 ZAFFIRO1400 ZKH2125 ZTI823 ZAFFIROII ZKH2145 ZWC1300W ZBI1200 ZKI1105 ZWC5050W ZWD14270W ZWD5105 ZWF1021 ZWD14270W1 ZWD5106 ZWF1021W ZWD14581S ZWD585 ZWF1022 ZWD14581S1 ZWD586 ZWF1026 ZWD14581W1 ZWD6105 ZWF1038 ZWD1460 ZWD685 ZWF1200 ZWD16270W ZWDD110 ZWF1201 ZWD16270W1 ZWF1000 ZWF12070G1 ZWD2100 ZWF1010W ZWF12070S1 ZWD381 ZWF1020W ZWF12070W1 ZWF1226 ZWF1415W ZWF14380W ZWF12280W ZWF1420W ZWF1440 ZWF12370W ZWF1421 ZWF14581W ZWF1238 ZWF1421S ZWF1521W ZWF1400 ZWF1421W ZWF1600 ZWF14070G1 ZWF1422 ZWF16070W1 ZWF14070W1 ZWF14280W ZWF1621 ZWF14080G ZWF1438 ZWF1621S ZWF14080W ZWF14380G ZWF1621W ZWF1410 ZWF14380S ZWF16281W ZWF5105 ZWG3122 ZWG5105 ZWF5120P ZWG3125 ZWG5120 ZWF5125 ZWG3125S ZWG5120P ZWF5140P ZWG3142 ZWG5125 ZWF5185 ZWG3144 ZWG5136 ZWF826 ZWG3145 ZWG5140 ZWG3102 ZWG3162 ZWG5140P ZWG3105 ZWG3164 ZWG5145 ZWG3105S ZWG3165 ZWG5146 ZWG3120 ZWG385 ZWG5156 ZWG6165 ZWH2100P ZWH6120P ZWG680P ZWH2120P ZWH6121P ZWG7105X ZWH5100 ZWH6125 ZWG7120P ZWH5105P ZWH6140P ZWG7140AP ZWH5125 ZWH6145 ZWG7140P ZWH5855P ZWH6165 ZWGH7105 ZWH6100 ZWH6195 ZWH1100P ZWH6100A ZWH7120P ZWH1120P ZWH6101P ZWH7125X ZWH1121P ZWH6105 ZWH7145 ZWM280 ZWN7125 ZWS290 ZWM281 ZWO3104 ZWS3102 ZWN3125 ZWO384 ZWS3122 ZWN3145 ZWO5105 ZWS382 ZWN6100 ZWO585 ZWS5107 ZWN6104 ZWO6105 ZWS5108 ZWN6105 ZWO685 ZWS568 ZWN6120 ZWS1020 ZWS587 ZWN6125 ZWS150 ZWS588
Model No. ELECTROLUX ELU EWF 1090 SU-UKR- EW1062W EW1170C EW 1075F EW1063W EW1231I EW ANNIVERSARY EW1065F EW1250WI EW1007F EW1067F EW1255F EW1013I EW1069F EW1265F EW1014I EW1070C EW1269W EW1044S EW1070W EW1270F EW1050F EW1075F EW1272F EW1055F EW1079F EW1275F EW1060F EW1170 EW1276F EW507F EW550F EW647F EW508F EW557F EW648F EW509S EW558F EW650F EW511F EW559F EW658F EW514S EW560F EW659F EW524F EW602F EW660F EW526S EW611F EW757F EW527F EW612F EW767F EW547F EW643F EW804F EW548F EW645F EW811F EW878F EWC1050 EWF1005 EW879F EWC1150 EWF10080W EW880F EWC1250 EWF10140W EW918W EWC1350 EWF10149W EW945F EWD1000 EWF10190W EW957F EWD1214I EWF1020 EW967F EWF1000 EWF10240W EW970C EWF10020W EWF10277W EW970W EWF10040W EWF1028 EW975W FOR APPROVAL EWF10049W EWF1029 EWF106310W EWF108211W EWF12240W EWF10641 EWF1090 EWF12250 EWF106410W EWF12040 EWF12270W EWF106510 EWF12040W EWF12287W EWF107110W EWF12049W EWF12370W EWF10741 EWF12070W EWF12376W EWF107410W EWF12075W EWF1240 EWF10751 EWF12140 EWF12440W EWF1080 EWF12170W EWF12470W EWF108210W EWF1220 EWF12479W EWF128420W EWF14283W EWF14583W EWF14070W EWF14370W EWF14589W EWF14079W EWF14373W EWF14591W EWF14145 EWF14380W EWF14597W EWF14170W EWF14440W EWF146110W EWF14240W EWF14448W EWF146310W EWF14248W EWF14450 EWF146410W EWF14260 EWF14460 EWF147110W EWF14270W EWF14470W EWF147210W EWF14280W EWF14480W EWF147310W EWF16260 EWF167440W EWF800 EWF16370W EWF168540W EWF8020W EWF16460 EWF549 EWF8040W EWF16470W EWF551 EWF8047W EWF16487W EWF600 EWF805 EWF16589W EWF605 EWF8070W EWF166110W EWF695 EWF8170W EWF167320W EWF700 EWF8180W EWF1673210 EWF705 EWF820 EWF167321W EWF735 EWF8277W EWF861 EWM126410W EWS1001 EWF87210W EWM147410W EWS10010W EWF895 EWP10075W EWS10012W EWF900 EWP106300W EWS10070W EWG10050W EWP126100W EWS10170W EWG12450W EWP126300W EWS10277W EWG14550W EWP126307W EWS10400W EWG14750W EWP86100W EWS10410W EWG85050W EWP86107W EWS10412W EWH147310W EWS1000 EWS10470W EWS126540W EWS86110W EWW16489W EWS645F EWS965F EWX12550W EWS646F EWS966F EWX14450W EWS7170W EWW12470W EWX14550W EWS8000W EWW12480W FL15INPUT EWS8010W EWW126410W FO950 EWS8012W EWW14470W QW1011HT EWS8014W EWW14581W RTF942 EWS8170W EWW14582W SKD-EW658S EWS845 EWW148540W

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Manufacturer Zanussi
Model Number DST1240349017
Original Spare Part Yes
Zanussi Washing Machine Door Interlock DST1240349017

Zanussi Washing Machine Door Interlock DST1240349017