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Vacuum FAQ

Vacuum Cleaners

The page is dedicated to the types of questions that we regularly get asked, concerning Vacuum Cleaners.

  1. Why has my bagless vacuum cleaner stopped picking up?
    Answer: - Bagless vacuums rely heavily of the filters inside the machine to filter the dirt out and send clean air back out of the appliance. When these become saturated with dirt this reduces the airflow with in the vac. Some machines you will need to replace them whilst others like Dyson “the market leaders of bagless cleaners” you can simply wash with cold water and then when dry replace them.
  2. What's wrong with My Vacuum Cleaner? It has stopped working, it gave a bit of smoke and smell.
    Answer: - The motor on your vacuum cleaner has blown up and needs replacing.
  3. Why does the belt on my vacuum cleaner keep braking?
    Answer: - Have a look at the belt where it has broken, does it look like its melted? If so this is a sign of the brushroll being trapped by a foreign object and the metal pulley burning through the belt, or you may have are trapped the belt when you have re-fit the new one.
  4. How do i fit a new belt?
    Answer: - On most machine you can remove the base plate to gain access to the belt, whilst others you have to remove the top cover secured by screws underneath. Once you have re-fit the new belt, try rotating the brush-roll a few times before you assemble the machine. This will line up the belt and stop you from trapping it when fitting the baseplate. If the brush-roll will not turn there is a problem and would cause the belt to brake if started up. It could be the fact that the brush-roll bearings have seized up. Or they can break when you run over foreign objects.
  5. How often should i replace my vacuum cleaner belt?
    Answer: - Belts on most vacuum cleaners should be replaced every 3 to 6 months. If you leave them longer than this the tension in the belt reduces and the belt slips, resulting in an inefficient vacuum cleaner and poor cleaning results. If you are replacing weekly, twice weekly, you are either picking up items too big for the machine or there is a problem with it, often the brush roll can at fault.
  6. How often should I wash my filters on my bagless vacuum cleaner?
    Answer: - For normal use you should check these every 3 months. If you notice a lack of suction you should check them straight away. When picking up very fine dust (plaster dust for example) you should check the as soon as you have finished. This type of dust can be damaging for these types of appliances.
  7. My vacuum cleaner keeps throwing out bits of fluff from the brush roll why?
    Answer: - The belt could be broken but more likely to be blocked up near the agitator, this results in spitting out dirt rather than picking it up.