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Tumble Dryer FAQ

Tumble Dryers

The page is dedicated to the types of questions that we regularly get asked, concerning Tumble Dryers.

  1. How often should I clean the condensing unit on my condenser tumble dryer?
    Answer: - The condensing unit on your tumble dryer should be cleaned at least once a month with continuous use. After every time you use this appliance fluff particles will land on the unit the more fluff on the unit the less efficient it becomes. We would recommend that you clean the unit after every time you use it to keep your appliance efficient. After several washes the efficiency rating of an A Rated tumble dryer will be down to around a C to E without cleaning the condensing unit.
  2. How does a heat pump dryer work?
    Answer: - They work very much like a refrigerator, as the condenser cools and condenses the moist air and changes it in to water the process creates heat. This heat is then recycled and forced back in to the drum to help dry the clothes. This makes them very efficient.
  3. Which tumble dryers will work in a garage?
    Answer: - The answer is all of them until temperatures drop below 10 degrees. If you purchase a sensor dry tumble dryer this will not work below 10 degrees due to the in built sensors on the machine. If you purchase a tumble dryer that is NOT a sensor dry then this will work
  4. Why has the belt snapped on my tumble dryer?
    Answer: - This could be because you have overloaded it or something had got stuck between the drum and the machine (Bra wire for example). On some machines the bearing at the back of the appliance could be worn and need replacing. If this is the case and not detected when a new belt has been fit, it will break shortly after.
  5. My Tumble dryer has no heat. Why?
    Answer: -
    1. Its most likely that the dryer has over heated and the Thermal overload cut outs (TOC) have tripped. On some machines such as whiteknight you can reset them. You do this by pressing a red button on the back of the appliance. Others such as Hotpoint you have to purchase new ones. Common causes for this are overloading the appliance, blocking the vent pipe so the air cannot escape from the machine or not cleaning the filters enough and have a bold up of fluff. To test these if you have a circuit tester you should get a current through the Stats.
    2. The element may be faulty.
    3. It could be that you have a sensor dryer and have it in a room that's less than 10 Degrees Celsius. Try moving it to a warmer room and try again.