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Refrigeration FAQ

Fridge Freezer

The page is dedicated to the types of questions that we regularly get asked, concerning Fridge Freezers.

  1. My fridge freezer is playing up; my fridge is not getting cold?
    Answer: - If this appliance is frost free then you will have to defrost the appliance with both doors open for a minimum of 48 hours as the air ways at the back of the appliance could be blocked. In a lot of cases this will solve the problem. If it's not left long enough then after a week of use it will stop working again. If the appliance is a standard fridge freezer can you hear the compressor running? If so it's likely that the fridge has lost gas and cannot cool. If you cannot hear it running then it's likely that the thermostat in the fridge needs replacing.
  2. Why do I keep getting ice around my freezer door seal?
    Answer: - The freezer door seal will need cleaning or the freezer door seals magnets are not sealing the door shut, the freezer works over time and the gap start to freeze up pushing the door further open. A new door seal may also be needed.
  3. My fridge smells what can I do about it?
    Answer: - Wash the machine in side, then wash the sides and back down with bicarbonate soda. Make sure that the drain hole at the back of the fridge has not blocked and can drain properly. Then put some bicarbonate of soda in a small dish and leave on a shelf to help neutralise the odours. Or you can buy some off the shelf gel to help neutralise the odours inside the fridge.
  4. My fridge freezer is constantly freezing why?
    Answer: - It possible that you have switch on the fast freeze option. Or it's possible that your thermostat is faulty and needs replacing. It could also be the fact that someone has turn the thermostat dial on full.
  5. How do I defrost my fridge freezer?
    Answer: - The best way to do this is empty the appliance first, switch the machine off. On some machines like Bosch the bottle tray will place in front of the machine and the water will drain in to this. If not place some towels around the appliance to soak up the water that leaks out of the freezer. If you want so speed up the process, use hot water and a cloth. Soak the cloth in hot water and wipe over the ice.
  6. What's the difference between low frost, no Frost, frost-free, Auto defrost & Manual defrost?
    Answer: -
    1. Auto defrost relates to the fridge only. The back panel freezes cools the fridge, when this gets down to temperature the back panel defrosts, water drips down the back and through the drain hole
    2. Manual defrost is where your freezer has internal cooling elements that freezes the internal cabinet they are positioned above and below the drawers. After time you will need to defrost the appliance as the ice builds up.
    3. Low frost relates to the freezer, usually associated with Bosch & Siemens is where the appliance has internal cooling elements within the cabinet sides and back which although do build up with ice is very minimal. As there are no visible cooling elements, at first glance in side they look similar to frost free. No elements means more room for food, you can even take the shelves out on some if needed.
    4. Frost-free & No frost relates to the freezer, as the freezer freezes you do not get ice build-up. The benefits with frost-free are, food does not get freezer burn, food stays fresher for longer and does not get ice build-up so no defrosting, as it handles it automatically.