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Bosch / Neff Cooker Fan Oven Element U Shape 1800W ELE2052IRCA

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Bosch / Neff Fan Oven Element U Shape 1700W+nbsp;

There are different quality elements off these on the market, this one is better quality than the standard ELE2052 element.


This element is a very popular item that we sell. If your rcd trips when you switch your oven on or your rcd tripped and now you no longer have heat in your oven then this will be the part that you need. Please make sure that your model number is listed below to make sure this part fits your machine. You will find this fan element located behind the back panel of the appliance +amp; fits around the fan motor.

Part No. ELE2052IRCA
Model No. BOSCH+bull; HBN13N521B/01 +bull; HBN700550/03 +bull; HBN7051GB/01 +bull; HBN7062GB/01 +bull; HBN13N550B/03 +bull; HBN7020GB/01 +bull; HBN7052GB/01 +bull; HBN9752GB/05 +bull; HBN430550B/02 +bull; HBN7021GB/01 +bull; HBN7052GB/05 +bull; PCD615CGB/07 +bull; HBN43M551B/01 +bull; HBN7022GB/01 +bull; HBN7060GB/01 +bull; PKE615CEU/01 +bull; HBN700550/01 +bull; HBN7050GB/01 +bull; HBN7061GB/01 +bull; @OL=160IDW=180TC=19TL=41HSC=37PW=21PL=41W=1700
Model No. NEFF+bull; B1422N0GB/03 +bull; B1881N2GB/05 +bull; U1721N1GB/04 +bull; U1722N0GB/03 +bull; B1441W0GB/05 +bull; B4562N0GB/02 +bull; U1721N2GB/01 +bull; U1722N0GB/10 +bull; B1721N0GB/01 +bull; T1213N0GB/01 +bull; U1721N2GB/05 +bull; U1722S0GB/01 +bull; B1721N0GB/03 +bull; T2124B0EU/01 +bull; U1721S0GB/02 +bull; U1722S0GB/02 +bull; B1721N2GB/01 +bull; U1420B0GB/01 +bull; U1721S2GB/01 +bull; U1722W0GB/01 +bull; B1721N2GB/05 +bull; U1421N0GB/01 +bull; U1721W0GB/01 +bull; U1722W0GB/03 +bull; B1721W0/01 +bull; U1442S0GB/10 +bull; U1721W0GB/02 +bull; U1722W0GB/10 +bull; B1861N2GB/05 +bull; U1721N0GB/01 +bull; U1721W2GB/01 +bull; U172IN2GB01 +bull; B1881N0GB/01 +bull; U1721N0GB/02 +bull; U1722N0GB/01 +bull; U1744N0GB/10 +bull; B1881N2GB/02 +bull; +bull; +bull;
Model No. SIEMENS +bull; HB90324GB/01 +bull; HB90354GB/01 +bull; HB90355GB/05 +bull; HB90365GB/02 +bull; HB90325GB/01 +bull; HB90355GB/01 +bull; HB90364GB/01 +bull; HB90365GB/03 +bull; HB90325GB/02 +bull; HB90355GB/02 +bull; HB90365GB/01 +bull;

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More Information
Manufacturer Qualtex
Model Number ELE2052IRCA
Original Spare Part Compatible
Bosch / Neff Cooker Fan Oven Element U Shape 1800W ELE2052IRCA

Bosch / Neff Cooker Fan Oven Element U Shape 1800W ELE2052IRCA